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Source: Motorpress / Peugeot South Africa


Why not combine practicality with pleasure, feel that delight every time you drive, why not optimise your time, guarantee your safety and feel sure that your vehicle is rugged enough to withstand any test … this is exactly what new PEUGEOT PARTNER provides to all professional clients in the LCV segment.

Van of the Year 2019.
New PEUGEOT PARTNER, which includes the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® as standard, is an unprecedented move in this vehicle segment, offering a new driving experience and a setting that is conducive to productivity.

PEUGEOT is revolutionising the LCV segment with a dynamic and generous market offering, the perfect balance between convenience and drivability - the Brand's hallmark.

With its dynamic design, New PEUGEOT PARTNER is not only practical and elegant - it features an unparalleled range of driving aids that, to date, have only been seen on the latest saloon vehicles.

New PEUGEOT PARTNER offers a stimulating, stress-free mobile office; the dimensions are perfectly in line with the market segment, it is exceedingly comfortable and the payload area is even more practical and versatile than ever.

No matter what your profession, the new PEUGEOT PARTNER will enable you to work effectively:

New PEUGEOT PARTNER is at the heart of the entrepreneur mentality; it boosts your capacity to deliver results and makes it possible to go far beyond what might have previously seemed impossible

Its pedigree is proven as its already a winner by being voted International Van of the Year 2019.

Unheard of in the LCV segment!

The first impression of new PEUGEOT PARTNER's interior is immediately compelling, the finish is, in every aspect equal to that of a passenger vehicle. It is fitted with cutting-edge technology which is conducive to a stimulating, instinctive and safe driving experience.

"New PEUGEOT PARTNER renews a 20-year history of ruggedness and quality. Following our recent launch successes, our SUV offensive with PEUGEOT 2008, 3008 and 5008 we had to have the same ambition for our LCV vehicle design - i.e. impress the market with innovative and unprecedented features! This is why the iconic PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, is fitted as standard on New PEUGEOT PARTNER. This high-end, rewarding vehicle provides the user with a veritable mix of practicality and pleasure."



PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, is now being fitted on a commercial vehicle for the first time.

So much more than a new feature, PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is becoming a must for professional users who are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of the service they provide. An optimum ergonomic layout, tip-top comfort and exemplary safety systems make for an intuitive driving experience:

Compact, double D-style steering wheel for improved grip and manoeuvrability - handling is swifter and less tiring and ten times more pleasurable!
A head-up style display to enable essential information to be received by the driver whilst he is still able to maintain his eye on the road, which is a guarantee of safety and comfort.
An 8" capacitive touch screen located in the centre of the dashboard in line with the driver's vision providing direct and permanent access to key comfort functions - radio functions, vehicle settings, telephone, etc.
A large 8" colour touch screen provides connectivity. Located within easy reach and tilted towards the driver, it comes with Bluetooth and a is supplemented by Mirror Screen that is compatible with Mirror Link®, Apple Carplay™ and Android Auto™.
Electric parking brake. Not only is it easy to use, in addition the space freed up by a conventional handbrake is utilised to provide a large storage area or a larger seat for the 3-seater version.


A commercial vehicle is a real means of mobility that also conveys the image of your company. This is why particular care has been taken to ensure that New PEUGEOT PARTNER reflects a dynamic and assertive image.

The front end is classy, modern and robust with its Lion badge sitting in the centre of a vertical grill that enhances the powerful headlight design.

The profile reflects all the force of its style. The lines are perfectly balanced with a short, horizontal bonnet, a high waistline and shorter overhangs. The bevel-cut design featured symmetrically on the front and rear ends shape the sides with a new body-line style.

At the rear, the angular bumper gives force to the lower section and provides optimum protection. The hinged wide-span doors underline the vehicle's rugged nature and constitute an extra protection against theft from rear compartment.

The interior design reflects Peugeot's passenger vehicle range: ergonomic yet elegant. The style is chic and discrete, the space is both ergonomic and versatile, incorporating countless storage solutions for perfect functionality combined with unparalleled sturdiness.

Inside the vehicle, the eye is immediately drawn to the dashboard which includes the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® where everything is within easy reach, to enable the driver to concentrate on the road and enjoy an intuitive, dynamic driving experience.

"The EMP2 delivers an extremely high-performance level, but it also has enabled us to produce a strong, dynamic and robust design. The new morphology has led to shorter overhangs for better manoeuvrability, a higher bonnet for greater rigidity and an optimised architecture to provide an interior that is both practical and modular."


When you spend a long time in your vehicle, acoustic comfort is of prime importance, which is why special attention has been paid to this aspect, the outcome being a level of acoustic comfort that has never before been achieved for vehicles in this segment.

Thanks to the care taken over on-board comfort, and to the vehicle's excellent handling and ease of use, New PEUGEOT PARTNER enriches professionals' lives by offering a new driving experience.

Scaled for efficiency

The fundamental needs of professional users were the main focus when we developed New PEUGEOT PARTNER : optimum functionality under all circumstances.

The dimensions are perfectly in line with the segment.

The 1.6 HDI L2, is 4,75m long and provides a greater load capacity. The effective length is 2.16m and a load capacity of 4.40m3.

New PEUGEOT PARTNER is built on a version of the EMP2 platform that is used for the latest brand models. This tried-and-tested base enables shorter overhangs and a small turning circle for easy manoeuvring: the kerb to kerb turning radius is only 11.43m.

The payload is one of the best in the segment - 1000kg.


Six anchoring rings are provided as standard to ensure that your loads are safely secured. The loading area is easy to use in all circumstances as it contains a 12V socket and superior lighting with 6 LEDs providing an output of 237lm.

The dual sliding side doors provide excellent accessibility.
Transportation of long objects thanks to a bulkhead passthrough panel the fold-down, side passenger seat for loading longer items.
A Tall and Wide load-opening and cargo area combined with the flat roof result in class leading 4.4 Cubic metres load capacity space.

With a capacity of up to 113L, storage solutions have been designed for multiple professional usage needs. They are always to hand and cleverly distributed throughout the passenger area - glove box (uncovered), door pockets and even an upper glove box. Located opposite the passenger, it uses the space normally taken by the airbag (now a Bag-in Roof airbag) and is big enough to house a 15" computer, and it contains a USB and Aux connection port.


The work that has been conducted on the vehicle architecture and on weight optimisation is key to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The 1.6 HDI diesel engine, rated at 68kW and 230 Nm is extremely efficient.

The advanced grip control fully meets the need to access difficult terrains and which can accept heavy, dirty, long loads whilst maintaining enough room for 3 people. Sturdy enough to endure all conditions.

The New PEUGEOT PARTNER features:

Higher ground clearance
Up to 1000kg payload
Load area floor protective covering
Supplementary lighting in the load area
Full size Spare wheel

Designed for professionals who do a lot of mileage, who do not count the number of hours spent in their vehicle and who above all are seeking comfort safety, the following features ensure that the driver and passenger’s safety and comfort are of paramount importance and they can have complete peace of mind with the following features as standard:

Air conditioning
Upgraded soundproofing providing an acoustic benchmark
2 Passenger Bench seat
6 Airbags
Electric front windows
Electric parking brake
Radio with 8" touch screen and Mirror Screen
Speed limiter and cruise control
Rear Parking sensors
Auto Headlights


ABS with EBFD and EBA
Driver and Passenger airbags
Side and Curtain Airbags
Automatic drive away locking
Electric Power Steering
Collapsible Steering Column
Automatic fuel Cut off and Door unlocking in the event of an accident
Automatic Activation of Hazard lights in Emergency braking
Independent locking of loading area


Peugeot Pride Programme:

5yr/100 000km Service Plan

5yr/100 000km Warranty

5yr/100 000km Roadside Assistance


R389 900.00 inclusive of VAT
New PEUGEOT PARTNER is not only practical and elegant

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