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News  /  SRT Jeep Grand  /   Cherokee Supercharged
Now built with the new Generation-3 Whipple supercharger, RGMotorsport's Grand Cherokee SRT8 upgrade is even more impressive.

Source: Motorpress /RGMotorsport

The 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is just enough.

RGM’s full-house upgrade costs R268 700 including all management hardware and software, and a 76mm stainless steel Techniflow exhaust system with ceramic-coated tubular headers

The Grand Cherokee SRT is an exercise in overkill
RGMotorsport opens up a can of Whipple-ass…

With Whipple’s third-generation blower bolted in place, RGMotorsport’s Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 6.4 Hemi upgrade produces a Trackhawk-whipping 546kW and 928Nm - enough to propel the burly SUV to 100 km/h in an estimated 3,6 seconds and to a top speed of 290 km/h.

That’s the news from the country’s foremost proponent of aftermarket supercharging and with dozens of blowers fitted to American-based V8s (including 20 Mustangs) they have all the experience needed to claim pole position. And with the latest Generation 3 Whipple unit nestling in the V of the Grand’s eight cylinders, power is delivered in a more refined and effortless manner than before.

There’s more outright grunt too; changing to the latest forced induction technology upped power from the 520 kW previously available, with torque climbing by almost 60 units.

The impressive headline numbers are also thanks to a full RGM-Techniflow dual 76mm stainless steel exhaust system along with ceramic-coated headers to blast out the hot gases inside the pipes with minimal delay. An ECU software download comes straight from the Whipple factory and is fine-tuned by RGM's team to suit our climate, fuel, and conditions.

Each car is optimized on the company’s four-wheel-drive dynamometer and, finally, road-tested.
This fire-breathing Jeep product features aggressive bodywork
Ready to trade the Grand Cherokee's off-road capabilities for on-road shenanigans?

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