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MasterDrive calls for solidarity

Source: Motorpress /MasterDrive South Africa

For more information on the Solidarity Fund, visit or email MasterDrive at

As nations across the world go into lockdown, demand for oil has decreased resulting in the petrol price decrease that South Africans will benefit from this month. This has also become an opportunity for MasterDrive to assist South Africans in need as the country fights the COVID-19 pandemic.

MasterDrive calls for solidarity
The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the reduction in the oil price will help MasterDrive in their drive to support the Solidarity Fund. “MasterDrive will use the savings that our fleet will see from this decrease to add towards the contribution the company is making to the Solidarity Fund. South Africa is a country where people come together to help one another in times of need.

“The Solidarity Fund is the vehicle through which organisations that want to do their part can donate towards testing, medical care and financial help for those affected by the disease. While MasterDrive is ensuring its employees are paid during this time, we are also aware that there are other organisations that simply could not do this. Consequently, we have chosen to contribute to a fund that can assist South Africans in numerous ways and also do its part in flattening the curve.”

While many companies will struggle economically during this time, there are many others that can rally together. “We encourage other companies to join us in our drive to support the Solidarity Fund. While our commitment to pay employees during lockdown will require hard work in the coming months, the team is also aware of how fortunate we are. This is driving our desire to help others who have not been as fortunate.

“The fund has been created for South Africans to come together for each other, now let us give it the fuel that it needs to be driven with. I strongly encourage every company that is able to, to join us in this initiative. While we cannot physically be together during this time, we can work together in other ways,” says Herbert.
This has also become an opportunity for MasterDrive to assist South Africans in need as the country fights the COVID-19 pandemic.

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