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Locally-produced Nissan Navara delivers as promised

Source: Motorpress /Nissan South Africa

Locally-produced Nissan Navara delivers as promised

“This is a fiercely competitive segment, and we are determined to meet and exceed customer needs,” he added.

The new Nissan Navara is the complete package and is available from June 2021
ROSSLYN, South Africa (May,4, 2021) – Orders are now open for the new, locally-produced Nissan Navara, set to roll off of the production line at Nissan’s Rosslyn plant in June 2021. With prices starting at R311 000 for the Navara 2.5 Petrol XE SC, and R474 000 for the Navara 2.5D SE MT DC, the modernised line-up is well-positioned to compete in most of the 1ton pickup segments, according to Stefan Haasbroek, Marketing Director at Nissan South Africa.

“With the introduction of the all-new Navara pickup in South Africa, we are confident that the significant technical changes implemented across our extensive line-up, will deliver the ultimate customer experience, with enhanced ride comfort, load carrying capacity, and a powertrain selected specifically for the South African market,” says Haasbroek.

In the South African context, the Navara is renowned for its Rugged Redefined looks, robust capabilities, reliability, and versatility, making it one of the most respected and anticipated models across the Nissan line-up and around the world.

Keen to provide exceptional customer satisfaction, Nissan has produced an exciting range of models, ensuring there is a Navara to suit everyone’s needs, whether you are buying to empower your business, or taking your family on an off-road adventure. Priced competitively, the Navara’s innovative technical changes, modernised styling, and high-power specs will impress existing customers and appeal to those looking for a new workhorse or adventure vehicle.

The new Navara single cab 2.5l DDTi Diesel mid-output (XE and SE Grades), with its 2.5 litre dual overhead camshafts with direct injection, turbocharged with intercooler diesel engine producing 120kw of power and 403Nm torque, is already proving to have the most powerful engine in the class, and is a popular choice for South African pickup drivers.

"It’s an amazing achievement to see the full set of exciting models for the next generation Navara which offer customers a choice of both single, and double-cab, 2WD and 4WD options, and a choice of automatic and manual transmissions too,” Haasbroek said.

A comfortable ride across all of South Africa’s spectacular terrains

Drivers of the all-new Navara will experience significantly enhanced balance, superb handling, and heightened performance, both on-road, and off the beaten track thanks to the successful combination of a new chassis with revised mountings for less vibration; increased rear height; better shock absorber damping; and a new dual-rate 5-link coil suspension that was designed to ensure a comfortable ride across all of South Africa’s spectacular terrains.

Nissan has reaffirmed that severity-testing of South African roads has been accounted for when fine-tuning the suspension grade, which, Haasbroek iterated, is a big focus for the single and double-cab line-up.

Tough 4X4 power for difficult terrain

Choose 2WD for maximum efficiency, or shift to 4WD (4H) at speeds up to 100km/h with the Navara’s shift-on-the-fly 4x4 gearbox. Achieve maximum performance as Nissan’s 4H constantly monitors conditions and adjusts the balance of power between the front and rear axles to maintain traction, while the Active Brake Limited Slip Differential system (ABLS) manages power delivery and wheel braking between the front and rear axles and between the left and right of the vehicle, depending on traction and speed. New Navara drivers also have the option to select low range 4WD (4LO) for difficult terrain.

Giving you a bigger and more balanced payload

Perfect for delivering building supplies to site or squeezing an extra tent in when you’re camping in the Tankwa Karoo National Park, the all-new Navara’s payload is now 100kg bigger, thanks to an increase of 36mm in the front, and 64mm in the rear of the height of the load-box. An added step to the rear bumper for the SE Plus and LE grades, and an easy-lift tailgate and a torsion bar on all DC derivatives, also makes loading and unloading easier.

And if that’s not enough space, and you need to bring the off-road bikes on a trailer too, then new Navara’s Trailer Sway Control (TSC) system, with yaw-rate-monitoring can detect the trailer’s self-oscillation, while the Vehicle Dynamic Control system (VDC) enables it to handle the brake pressure of the trailer to reduce self-oscillation.

A vehicle to delight and empower our customers

“We have invested substantially in improvements to the noise, vibration, and harshness reduction for a very quiet and comfortable drive, which bears testimony to improvements made on suspension range and powertrain capability. The Navara line-up also features additional safety technology through Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM), and offers a host of cabin features including an 8” touch screen with NissanConnect, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay all to delight and empower our customers,” said Haasbroek.

With its bold masculine design, the new Nissan Navara offers customers good value-for-money, has low running costs, competitive parts pricing, and competitive fuel efficiency, strong aftersales service, all designed to help your business's bottom line, while being rugged and tough enough to do the job right, minimising downtime, and maximising uptime.



Incl VAT Excl VAT
NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X2 MT DC 474 000,00 412 173,91
NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X2 AT DC 498 000,00 433 043,48
NAVARA 2.5D SE Plus 4X2 MT DC 505 000,00 439 130,43
NAVARA 2.5D SE Plus 4X2 AT DC 528 000,00 459 130,43
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X2 AT DC 606 000,00 526 956,52
NAVARA 2.5D PRO-2X 4X2 AT DC 686 000,00 596 521,74
Retail Price includes 6yr/90,000 km Service Plan and 6yr/150,000km warranty
NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X4 MT DC 552 000,00 480 000,00
NAVARA 2.5D SE Plus 4X4 MT DC 580 000,00 504 347,83
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X4 MT DC 660 000,00 573 913,04
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X4 AT DC 677 000,00 588 695,65
NAVARA 2.5D PRO-4X 4X4 AT DC 740 000,00 643 478,26
Retail Price includes 6yr/90,000 km Service Plan and 6yr/150,000km warranty
NAVARA 2.5 Petrol XE 4X2 MT SC 311 000,00 270 434,78
NAVARA 2.5D XE 4X2 MT SC 350 000,00 304 347,83
NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X2 MT SC 426 000,00 370 434,78
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X2 MT SC 456 000,00 396 521,74
Retail Price includes 6yr/90,000 km Service Plan and 6yr/150,000km warranty
NAVARA 2.5D 4X4 SE MT SC 492 000,00 427 826,09
NAVARA 2.5D 4X4 LE MT SC 527 000,00 458 260,87
Retail Price includes 6yr/90,000 km Service Plan and 6yr/150,000km warranty
With the introduction of the all-new Navara pickup in South Africa
The new Navara single cab 2.5l DDTi Diesel mid-output (XE and SE Grades),

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